æry combines the proven execution capabilities of Titan Aviation with the disruptive model of Strato Club. An industry exclusive, æry leverages US/FAA and San Marino operator certificates enabling unfettered global flight ops as well as the network effects of the world's most exclusive Flying Country Club.


The breadth and depth of our experience in successfully completing Indian importations & inductions, as well as managing & operating VT- aircraft, made it clear that even when played best, VT- registration remains a losing game.


æry turns the painful and expensive lessons we learned into a game-changing alternative to both Indian importation and, more broadly, traditional aircraft management.


Our combined acquisition expertise spans decades of market cycles and dozens of aircraft types.

Selecting the right aircraft for the client & mission is as important as patiently hunting down the right serial at the right price. We refined over time an exhaustive proprietary due diligence process, always  ready to walk away from a deal.


We buy well so our clients never have to worry about selling well.


Uncompromising type discipline in the fleet strategy drives economies of scale and scope underlying the unique value proposition of æry.

The industry-leading utilization efficiencies provided by our Club Flying model boost owner returns.

Yet we never forget we are in the quintessential high-touch Bespoke business. We relentlessly focus on delivering great Personal Service. Great numbers always follow.

A Country Club that meets only in the Stratosphere, where Time Flies in Good Company, Strato Club provides a Member with "three other people like him" to share a business jet cabin, when he so chooses and:

  • Skip the airline shuffle-through-and-wait

  • Cut the curb-to-curb time in half

  • At one third the price of charter

  • In the company of people like you.

​While "Club Flying" aims to disrupt the Business Aviation industry in the new sharing economy, its execution emphasizes well proven best practices in flight operations worldwide, from seasoned industry anchors with impeccable track records.

Launch markets: Bangalore and Dubai

Inquiries: fly@stratoclub.aero




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Capt. Alex Bucur

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In disrupting the Business Aviation industry, Alex combines two decades of Investment Management and Business Development track record with industry expertise as an Airline Transport Pilot rated and current in multiple business jets. He has been focusing his energies on "Freeing the Repressed" BizAv market in India since 2015. Alex earned an MBA from Columbia Business School in NYC and a BSc. from London School of Economics. He splits his time between Washington DC and Bangalore.


Capt. Sakeer C. Sheik

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Sakeer, based in the United States, has over two decades of general and corporate aviation experience, with a track record in establishing thriving aviation enterprises around the world, which hold multiple operator certificates and  earned wide recognition in highest industry approvals. Combining his flying background with an Aviation MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he built a world class aviation company that  successfully expanded to the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.



Making Jet Ownership a Breeze is... no cakewalk.

But it is what we are most passionate about.

It does take a dedicated  team of seasoned professionals bridging three continents, athirst to put you in a jet:

Client facing:

Pre-Closing Adviser  - your personal guide in the Selection Phase  

Transaction Leader - single-point-of-contact responsible for the seamless completion of your Acquisition or Transfer

Owner Concierge - from flight scheduling to your favorite catering, the steward of our Bespoke Personal Service  promise to you


Aircraft Buyers - always hunting great airframes at good  prices

Transaction Specialists and outside resources:

Appraiser, Pre-Buy Overseer, Legal & Trust Counsel etc.


Postholders for each Operator CertificateDirector of Operations, Chief Pilot, Director of Maintenance - safely and efficiently keeping your plane in the air (and the regulators happy)

Flight and Cabin Crew - proudly the best trained in the industry

24/7 Flight Supportmaking intricate international trips trivial

OEM & Service Liasons - diligently maintaining your aircraft

On-demand Outside Resources for Clients:

Compliance Advisors (incl. Tax & Accounting)


It is  said there are only two happy days in the life of an Aircraft Owner: the day he bought it and the day he sold it. For the Indian buyer, just getting to Day One is a long, convoluted and onerous voyage, fraught with uncertainty and frustration. 


We created æry to prove that buying a jet could be Smooth and Fast and that Jet Ownership could be CareFree. With apologies to Columbus, we like our Crossings at Mach 0.85 in a wide, stand up cabin.

In line with our Bespoke Personal Service promise, if you are an eligible prospective or current owner, please use the  Sign Up link on the Login Page. One of our Principals will

cross oceans to personally engage with you