Aircraft Specifications

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If diligently qualifying a particular aircraft serial is about doing things right,

wisely selecting an aircraft type is about doing the right things.

Our criteria: aircraft capable of taking a comfortable cabin furthest away at the lowest cost with the highest reliability, validated over decades.

Our Principles:

  1. Selecting ONE great aircraft type in each class is the basis for operational excellence and cost efficiencies shared by successful airlines,  large private jet operators and leading Flight Departments.

  2. The handful of aircraft types that remain TOP CHOICE in their class for decades, across geographies and types of operation, are not only conservative choices but unassailable ones. Surely 1,000+ buyers can't be wrong and if they were, time would have told by now. (And, yes, in aviation "boring" is good.)

  3. MIDLIFE aircraft preserve the benefits of a low-time airframe at half the capital outlay. Targeting the vintage point where depreciation curve flattens optimizes Total Cost of Ownership without  trading-off look-and-feel,  reliability or performance. Of course, the vintage choice is ultimately yours.



Hawker 8/900XP

"The Ultimate Midsize Aircraft"

The midsize aircraft with the most cabin volume, the most tanks-full payload and virtually unbeaten dispatch reliability.

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Challenger 604/5

"Best Selling is a Sure Bet"

A wide-bodied marathoner with
big cabin, long legs, low price, it dominates the large jet segment over 30 years after first delivery.

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Gulfstream G550

"The Ultra-Long-Range Standard"

The ultra-long-range leader flies faster, farther, with a roomier cabin and the most advanced avionics system in the air.

Whether your choice is driven by TRAVEL PROFILE or a GIVEN BUDGET,

the æry Fleet Lineup has you covered.

We love talking about airplanes so please reach out for some "hangar flying".

Best of all, you do not have to worry about a "do-it-all" aircraft. Included with æry is the option (but not the obligation) to EXCHANGE HOURS with other owners when a different aircraft type would be more suitable for a particular mission.


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2,500 nm | 5 hours | Mach 0.80

With a reach capable of bridging SE Asia and Europe, our hand-picked Hawkers provide phenomenal value at the current acquisition prices.

Receive ~100 free hrs/yr (est)

Pay ~$4,000/hr (est) to overfly.


$4 MM


3,800 nm | 8 hours | Mach 0.82

Unbeatable operating costs, many refurbishing opportunities and option to tailor capital outlay to either Challenger 604 or -605.

Receive ~140-200 free hrs/yr

Pay $5,000-5,500/hr to overfly 

Ranging (604/5)

$7-11 MM


6,500 nm | 12 hours | Mach 0.85

The world is not enough for a G550 owner. You can also make it... fly-by fast and in a cabin you can roam, while not oblivious to 13 hr leg bills

Receive ~280 free hrs/yr (est)

Pay ~$8,500/hr (est) to overfly


$24 MM

   Prices indicative of typical vintages sought by clients. Comped Owner Hours, overfly Hourly Rates illustrative only. Ranges are  operational - realistic in zero-wind.   

If you enjoy "looking under the hood", these AMAZING MACHINES

will almost make you wish you were a pilot or aircraft engineer.

Many owners just "turn right" upon entering their aircraft while others never pass on an opportunity to marvel at the wonders in a modern business jet cockpit. In the end, the cabin, range and hourly cost are meaningless if in any doubt about AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS, whether in respect to FEATURES, DEPENDABILITY or EASE OF OPERATING OR MAINTAINING them. In the midst of a generational change in AVIONICS MANDATES, we give thoughtful consideration to both current and future costs.



The only business jet to have enjoyed a 50+ years production run, Hawker combines overbuilt systems proven over decades with most modern avionics in the late vintages we target. 

Proven & Known

Chat with a HS-125 Captain
Hawker Factsheet
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Sharing systems with the heavy-duty CRJ airliner, the level of redundancies in Challenger's  design is surpassed only by its capabilities that make crossing any ocean entirely routine.

Airliner Redundancy

Chat with a CL-604 Captain
CL-605 Factsheet

Not surprisingly, your highly experienced pilots spend weeks learning the intricacies of G550's systems, yet the feeling of awe for their elegance carries all the way to 51,000 feet.

State of the Art

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G550 Factsheet

æry economics

We provide the examples below for illustration only. In sharp contrast with the simplicity of æry, the inherent complexity of traditional aircraft ownership economics puts a comprehensive analysis beyond our scope here. Individual owner circumstances may vary. Of course, to begin with, Free Ownership is only an add-on OPTION.

First, traditional and æry costs are presented for the same owner-flown hours in a year (typical for class):

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Second, we illustrate the SAVINGS provided by æry over traditional ownership at various levels of owner utilization, specifically including significant Overfly beyond the Comped Owner Hours:

Free Ownership is made possible by Strato Club's unique, membership-only model, generating  low-impact, predictable revenue flights. 


Of course, other companies can corral some outside charter revenue, typically of the ad-hoc variety. You would need 550+ charter hours to match æry's savings - way too much traffic on your cabin's carpet. Thankfully, not even the Top 20 Charter Operators can top 450 hours, on aircraft dedicated to charter.


In the end, æry brings CERTAINTY.

You don't have to anxiously wait every month for a bill showing what you "owe net of charter contribution".


Your ownership bill is always zero**

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We omit here tax effects, as your TAX BENEFIT will vary with choice of holding entity, jurisdiction and individual circumstances. Generally, expect to generate a depreciation tax benefit for 100% of aircraft acquisition price. If opting for æry terms, some fraction of it will be offset by income as Comped Hours.

Whether you choose Free Ownership or just Free Registration (with traditional aircraft management),

the VALUE PROPOSITION of æry is only surpassed by its SIMPLICITY and STREAMLINED PROCESS.