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You probably considered acquiring an aircraft already but the domestic process seemed daunting. In fact it is truly "traumatic"

There is another way: straightforward, fast and inexpensive.  

As discriminate buyers and astute investors, our clients often have specific concerns about critical issues such as cost-control measures and revenue-to-owner models (under traditional aircraft management) or periodic aircraft updates and Airworthiness Directives (under Free Ownership), as well as unique æry perks such as Hours Exchange between aircraft classes and complementary Strato Club membership. To learn more:







This being the fun job, it is the only one we ask you to do. A personal Pre-Closing Adviser will unhurriedly guide you through your aircraft choices - both in respect to type and pre-screened airframes, as well as the process you can expect, including reviewing the standardized legal documents that effect it.

We encourage you to request a demo flight in the type you are eyeing. At the very least, do visit a static display and experience the aircraft's ramp presence and cabin comforts. 


Bring a pen and a credit card, you might want to secure your spot in the acquisition pipeline right away. We'll require you to check a few boxes capturing your preferences and make a token, refundable deposit of $4,999.

Lastly, your further refined and firmed-up choices are formalized. Above all, æry enables us to focus on aircraft, not on the process.









Be involved

Or sit back

The Purchase and Management Mandate spells out specific terms you selected, such as aircraft type, vintage/airframe time, equipment, financials (budget; fees - all-inclusive or "+expenses"), management framework (traditional or Free Ownership) and constraints. 

The Funding Schedule outlines the timeline for escrowing the funds required as the acquisition progresses. Expect to fund a 10% deposit with the Mandate, with appropriate disbursement instructions.

The extent to which you want to participate in the acquisition process is up to you. You can simply provide the necessary Powers of Attorney, approve the recommended airframe and show up for your Ship Naming Ceremony; or you can follow every single email or conference call.  Most clients choose to selectively get involved with key milestones such as Visual and Pre-Buy Inspections and otherwise monitor the timely Transaction Status Reporting we provide. An experienced Transaction Leader is single-point-of-contact throughout.

Upgrades and Mods (optional)

Unlocking Value


Return Basis


Welcome to Jet Ownership! The acquisition closed and you own a Ready-to-Fly aircraft, up-to-date on all inspections. However, depending on your preferences and airframe particulars, you might have decided on installing  / upgrading  equipment or refurbishing / updating. We have extensive experience with the relative merits of various post-buy modifications, pinpointing to where you can unlock value with targeted frugal investments in a short downtime.


While completing optional mods obviously adds to the delivery timeline, we do not relent from managing the project hands-on in the shop and with suppliers, mindful not  to minimize downtime at the expense of work quality. Most projects worth undertaking cluster around 4 weeks.

The final decision on upgrades is yours, but we will assist in making it a most informed. one  Any aircraft upgrading we endorse will unequivocally increase owner's value.  Howeverin some instances, the effect on the residual-adjusted aircraft value  could be more muted.


Take Delivery







Break (out) the champagne, walk up the airstairs and relax. If you opted for Free Ownership, your First Flight is on us (and so are nearly hundred more every year).


The Management Mandate captured your preferred framework and specifics for trip scheduling , e.g. guaranteed available days, advance notice, daily/flight minimums etc.  As Jet Ownership is a life-changing experience, we built-in the flexibility for you to revise (often, expand) these choices as your actual utilization patterns emerge.


While your... financial experience will be radically different between Free Ownership and traditional management, your aircraft will experience the same pampered life. Regardless whether we pay the bills or you do, we maintain all aircraft with same exquisite care and thrift, literally as if they are our own.  And you receive a monthly "account of our stewardship", even when not attached to a bill. Your  personal Owner Concierge delivers our promise of Bespoke Service.



at will


Exit Fee



As termination arrangements in traditional aircraft management vary greatly, we'll discuss here only the æry framework. While we hope you will add aircraft to your fleet and we earn more of your  business, we know circumstances change and believe you should have the freedom to leave æry at any time.

The compelling æry economics - starting with "all expenses included" acquisition fee - are only possible due to our non-transactional approach to acquisition and management. We effectively treat your aircraft as our own long-term investment, spreading upfront and unforeseen costs over the entire term. An Exit Fee, pro-rated over the Term agreed in the Management Mandate, compensates us for some of the losses stemming from having the Term shortened.

At the end of the Term you have the option to sell back the aircraft to us, at Fair Market Value (independently assessed) less a Re-Marketing Fee (customary terms). With Days-On-Market in aircraft sales counted in... years, æry makes even your Last Day of ownership CareFree.


an acquisition Ready-to-Fly awaits you