For Domestic Operators and Aircraft Management Companies

If your client is:

  • an aircraft owner who is looking for, or would consider, fresh options for operating, getting revenue or even disposing of an aircraft - 

  • a prospective aircraft buyer -

  • of the types we support

  • based in India or Gulf States

- we would like to hear from you. We offer substantial referral fees for prospective clients or even qualified leads.

For Aircraft Brokers or Listing Agents 

If you have for sale, anywhere in the world, a midlife aircraft of the types we support, we would like to hear from you.

We are always in the hunt for great airframes at the right price and, while we are deliberate and discriminate in our selection,  if you have a good aircraft we likely have a good buyer for you.


We accept listings from mandated sellers only. No buying agents please.

    Important details were omitted for sake of clarity and rough numerical examples were used for illustration only. Always read the Terms, FAQ and Legal sections in full.   

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