Terms and Benefits

Aircraft Usage


Whether you elect Free Ownership or traditional management, your PMM will capture your choices regarding owner guaranteed days, peak days, advance booking notices, daily minimums etc. The default PMM baseline is in line with the framework customary in the industry, however you have the flexibility to adjust each variable according to your expect utilization, as well as to revise them periodically. To remain eligibile for æry terms (all-inclusive fee and Free Ownership), certain limitations apply, such as a minimum number of days the aircraft is available for non-owner revenue flights. These boundaries are set outside the normal utilization patterns of most owners as to not infringe on full enjoyment of owner's flight privileges. Keep in mind that regardless of the number of "guaranteed available days" selected, you always have access to a 24x365 fleet (provided you opted in for Hours Exchange). Similarly, "peak days" are not blackout days, but rather periods where (in the past) some prioritizing of aircraft demand was required. The operating principle in facilitating aircraft usage is that we spare no effort to accomodate any request, but all stakeholders are best served by a pre-agreed, clear rule set on which to fallback in the exceptionally rare cases of irreconcilable conflicts. An Owner Concierge will personally handle all your requests and inquiries, 24x365. For additional benefits, see Hours Exchange and Strato Club membership.

Third Party Fees and Incidentals

As is it customary in the industry, Flight-Hour Rates - whether as Comped Owner Hours entitlement or Overflight - exclude third-party and non-flight incidentals, such as ground handling; landing, parking and navigation fees; permitting, catering etc. The rationale for this unbuddling is that such costs have diverse drivers and can not be easily estimated per hour, per mile or per flight. Attempting to guess these costs in order to add them to a fixed hourly rate would necessary result in overcharging most flights and thus violate our principles of providing full transparency and most value. For each trip we provide a detailed ex-ante estimate of the expected incidentals - generally quite accurate on known, repeat trips. We then itemize all the actual, ex-post, incidentals incurred and pass them on to you at cost, plus a token administrative processing fee (as customary in the industry). Third Party Fees and Incidentals are settled in cash.

Overfly Hourly Rate

Under Free Ownership, an Overfly Hourly Rate applies once the Comped Owner Hours entitlement has been used. This rate, specified in the PMM, is anchored in the charter market, typical examples being $4,000/hr for Hawker, $5,000-5,500/hr for Challenger 604/5 and $8,500/hr for G550. Under traditional aircraft management, an owner-occupied hourly rate applies to ALL flights. It is usually negotiated based on the "hourly operating cost" and an operator mark-up.

Underflying and Hours Exchange

Your PMM will captures your preference regarding how the Comped Owner Hours and Guaranteed Days entitlments are split over time, with the default option being on a quarterly basis; annual and monthly options are available. Rollover of Owner Hours from one period to the next is complimentary, but certain limitations or discounting may apply to carrying over excessive number of Guaranteed Days into one single period. Relief from these otherwise rarely operating constraints is provided through PMM election. Irrespective of Guaranteed Days, you always have access to a 24x365 fleet. Participating owners can freely Exchange Hours with any other participating owners in the fleet. This benefit is most valuable when your own aircraft is down for maintenance or when a different class of aircraft is more suitable for the trip at hand. We use a simple exchange ratio derived from the Overfly Hourly Rates.

Strato Club Membership

Free Ownership includes a complimentary Strato Club membership (i.e. initiation and renewal fees waived) for the duration the aircraft is nested in æry; for a 5 year term, that is a $33,600 cash value. Based on the value of your acquisition/transfer, you will qualify for one of the Admiral tiers, enjoying highest level of booking privileges for Club-Flying as well: most guaranteed days, shortest advance notice, fewest peak days, lowest minimums etc. A Country Club that meets only in the Stratosphere, where Time Flies in Good Company, Strato Club provides you the opportunity to share a business jet cabin, when you so choose, while still enjoying the core benefits of private flying, at one third the price of charter and in the company of people like you. You can freely convert some or all of your Comped Owners Hours into Seat-Hours for Club-Flying ( Wrights), which can be used for: 1. Squadron subscriptions:
- to a given route (e.g. Dubai – Bangalore), for a given frequency (e.g. twice a month) - at guaranteed flat-pricing, with all-you-can-fly past freq. subscribed (seat avail. Basis)
2. ClubSource: propose a flight and occupancy:
- “need 2 seats, will pay for up to 4”, tentative until that minimum is met
3. ClubShare: a lead-pax (LP) commits to a flight:
- actual cost pro-rated by eventual occupancy of the available seats by other members
4. JumpSeat: fly for free on an empty seat, provided member opened empty seats on other paid flights You have no obligation whatsoever to participate in Strato Club, however your complimentary membership is personal and not transferable. To learn more, see stratoclub.aero.



We currently support: 1. Hawker 900XP, late vintanges 800/850XP 2. Bombardier Challenger 605 (650), late vintanges -604 3. Gulfstream G550. These types/variants are eligible for full æry terms, e.g. one all-inclusive Acquisition/Transfer Fee and Free Ownership. For most other, at-large types, Free Registration is still available, under customary indusry terms and traditional aircraft manament. See FAQ. In respect to vintange and airframe time, we believe well maintained, good showing, 5-7 years old, low-time aircraft represent the best investment. However that is ultimately the client's call and we'll endorse a fairly broad range of serials, considering also potential updating and refurbishment. For Free Ownership, see Return Basis discussion on residual-adjusted value. For Transfers, see respective section.


Aircraft based in India, the Gulf States and Singapore are eligible for full æry terms. Georgraphic concentration allows us to develop economies of scale. We are thus very deliverate in rolling out additional bases, but we welcome all inquiries. Specifically, we are accepting Expressions of Interest from clients basing in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Sumatra. We offer traditional aircraft manegement services globally, supported locally by our footprint throughout US, Europe and Asia.

"No Charter" Option

To enjoy aery benefits to the fullest, e.g. one all-inclusive Acquisition/Transfer fee and Free Ownership, your aircraft has to be available for non-owner revenue flights. We do not seek ad-hoc charter, as all our non-owner usage is by membership only, in a low-impact, highly predictable model. We encourage you to inquire in depth about our unique owner-revenue model, fueled by Strato Club. If you are still absolutely not interested in "chartering out" your aircraft, we still want your business. You can enjoy same US FAA or San Marino registry benefits; unfortunately we can not offer an all-inclusive fee structure, neither can we offer Free Ownership. Traditional Acquisition and Management terms will apply, at very competitive rates and backed by our Bespoke Personal Service promise.


Aircraft acquisitions are quintessential international transactions. You have to be able to timely fund, and subsequently disburse, an escrow in a major currency wth a leading title company. Simply due to the fact that the US market provides the deepest pool of suitable airframes and the most streamlined and cost-effective process, a majority of transactions are concluded with US sellers and in USD. We understand that most Indian-resident buyers are subject to capital controls restricting their ability to freely access, and internationally move, their own funds. Please note that does not apply to funds located outside India, for instance those of overseas affiliates or other corporate entities. Several other avenues are available to most Indian residents. Regardless of your circumstances, we can refer you to outside advisers with a proven track in successfully nagivating this field and finding conservative paths allowing you fund the purchase price. For Funding Schedule, see the Aquisition section.


A virtually unlimited array of entities, jurisdictions and structures that can own, and as the case may be, operate or lease-back your aircraft, is avaialbe to you. In practice, a simple holding LLC will fit most clients, but we impose no restrictions as such on any setup your particular circumstances might require, regardless of its complexity (as long as it is legal and legitimate). This is an important topic, e.g. in maximizing your tax benefits from depreciation, shielding liability or isolating the asset from claims. We have a solid roster of Outside Advisers to whom we can refer you to further explore various options. It is not, however, an eligibility issue.


Above and beyond any regulatory requirements, we have to get comfortable Knowing You as our Customer. As thorough due dilligence is what we do at the core of the acquisition process, we apply the same principle throughout our business.


Your Involvement

Executing the PMM and timely Funding are really the only participation we require from you. If provided with appropriate Powers of Attorney, you can sit back and simply approve the particular aircraft serial for which we make the Final Recommendation. In practice, most clients selectively get involved at critical junctures in the transaction. A comprehensive Transaction Status Reporting system provides both readable summaries and complete disclosures on the progress of the acquisition.


Our pledge of "Fly Away in 30 days", unexcelled in the industry, applies to choosing an aircraft from our pre-approved pool of serials and US/FAA Registration. For San Marino registration, pre-approved serials can be delivered in 45 days. By no means we want to rush you into a purchase. In fact, we recommend you take your time in considering your options, noting the... world of difference between such throughful deliberation and spending months on the Paper Chase of government approvals. For a serial that we already pre-screened, the only variable is the Pre-Purchase Inspection - typically 3 weeks - and the time required for the Seller to remedy any Discrepancies that might be found. As general guidance, most transactions close in 30-45 days after an Offer/LOI is made. If you elected to undertake any Post-Buy work, such as upgrades and/or refurbusing, the Delivery timeline will, of course, extend by the completion time required for such work. Note you already own the aircraft at this stage.

Fees and Costs

If your transaction is eligible for all-inclusive pricing, a typical fee is 5% of "as-delivered" value. If you elected for tradiitional pricing, i..e. fee + expenses, our clear and transparent Rate Sheet is highly competitive within the industry, and we employ the same aggresirve costs control as when spending off our own fee. A comprehensive budget will be provided at the outset and revised as needed . We maintain long-standing relationship with the required third parties that provide excellent services and good value, All-inclusive pricing includes initial evaluation of three qualified serials and a complete Pre-Purchase Inspection of one serial. Of course, you can leisurely "browse through" as many potential target serial as you like and even reject a Final Recommendation aircraft. Your transaction will then simply convert to fee + expenses structure.

Purchase and Management Mandate

The Purchase and Management Mandate (PMM) formalizes the choices you made in your aircraft and management framework selection. Unlike a traditional "mandate", which is effectively just an aircraft search order, to be followed by a whole string of other legal instruments in order to complete a transaction, the æry mandate is a conditional Aircraft Purchase and Management Agreement covering the transaction end-to-end. In the Purchase phase, the PMM allows us present you short-listed serials, undertake Visuals and Document Reviews, present you for execution a Letter of Intent with the Seller for your selected serial, escrow the Deposit required by the Seller, conduct the Pre-Purchase Inspection and Aircraft Acceptance, as well ready the Aircraft Purchase Agreement, Owner Trust Agreement (see below) and ancilliaries. In the Aircraft Management (i.e. ownership) phase, the PMM allows us to hit the ground running and have you Fly Away on your delivery date.


To learn more about the Acquisition Process, please see the "Buy" page.

Funding Schedule

Besides getting a better price (both from the seller and an "as-delivered" final total), timely disbursement of funds is conducive to productive interactions among stakeholders in an aircraft transaction; delays are show-stoppers and understandbly create frictions, as aircraft have high daily carring costs - thousdands of dollars a day. The Purchase and Management Mandate (PMM) outlines a clear Funding Schedule and Disbursment Triggers, starting with a deposit of 10% of the expected "as delivered" value, due at signing. You will be funding an Escrow with a Title Company you can choose from a qualified list of leading providers. We are mindful of the time value of your money and the Funding Schedule reflects the tradeoff between minimizing idle cash and avoiding hold-ups. Disbursements are made for the refundable Seller Deposit backing the LOI, to pay the Pre-Purchase Inspection, various third-party services (title searches, owner trust etc.) and transaction expenses (e.g. travel, aircraft movements to/from inspection location and test flight). We earn a portion of our Fee for meeting each well-defined Milestone in the PMM as well as on a time basis (e.g. $4,000/week).

Owner Trust

For US/FAA registration, a commonly-used Owner Trust setup is required for non-US citizen owners. This is a trivial legal arrangement used by thousands of owners and it does not affect or restrict your ownership in any way. Your Pre-Closing Adviser will review the documents with you and answer any questions. The Trust Agreement itself is a canned document, pre-approved by the FAA Counsel to meet all legal requirements.

Demo Flights

We encourage you to experience the aircraft type you had set your sights on, If you commit to a puchase at the end of the demo flight, we will comp the cost of the first hour of your demo flight.

Expression of Interest and Refundable Deposit

To finalize the specific details of the acquisition and start presenting you specific airframe options, we require an Expression of Interest and a refundable deposit of $4,999.

Depreciation and Tax

While your tax benefit will vary with choice of holding entity, jurisdiction and individual circumstances, you should expect to generate to depreciate 100% of the "as delivered" acquisition price. If opting for æry terms, some fraction of your tax benefit will be offset by income as Comped Hours. We will offer a choice of closing jurisdictions (e.g. US states) where no sales tax (VAT/GST/etc.) is due.


Pro-rated Fee

Under traditional aircraft management, your termination arrangements can vary. Under the æry framework, you can terminate nesting your aircraft at any time. The æry economics, unexcelled in the industry, are only possible due to our non-transactional approach to acquisition and management. We effectively treat your aircraft as our own long-term investment, spreading upfront and unforeseen costs over the entire Term. An Exit Fee, pro-rated over the Term agreed in the PMM, compensates us for some of the losses stemming from having the Term shortened. The default baseline in the PMM is a 6% Exit Fee pro-rated for 5 years / 5,000 hours, i.e. 0.10% per month.

Sell Back Option

Under the æry framework, at the end of the Term (specified in the PMM), you have the option to sell back the aircraft to us, at Fair Market Value minus a Re-Marketing Fee, customarily 6%. The Fair Market Value is independently assessed by board-certified Aircraft Appraisers of your choice. In contrast with 300+ Days-On-Market typical for aircraft sales, your sale will consumate within 10 days from your notifying us you would like to exercise this option. An additional early sell-back option is available as part of the initial PMM elections.


Further information

This section should not be construed as a comprehensive Terms and Conditions document. It is provided for informational purposes only, with additional granularity in the FAQ section. Always read the disclaimers on the Legal page. We encourage you to request an informational package or contact us for any specific questions.



Your aircraft has to be airworthy, i.e. with all inspections up-to-date and in compliance with any applicable Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Service Bulletins (SBs). You also need to obtain an Export Certificate of Airworthiness under the existing registration. In most cases, we can assist you, on a transactional basis, in meeting these pre-requisites. See also Eligibility category for other general conditions that apply (such as aircraft type, location etc.).


Once you have an Export Certificate of Airtworthiness, we are committed to get you flying again under traditional management in less than 30 days. If a Technical Acceptance is required (under Free Ownership), a well-maintained aircraft should complete that process in 15 days, for an aggregated transfer timeline of 30 to 45 days. We are keenly aware of the cost and inconvenience of downtime for an aircraft owner, more so when a revenue model is sought. "Minimal downtime" as a core stated objective of an æry transfer.​

Fees & Costs

Free Ownership transfers are eligible for one all-inclusive fee, e.g. 3% of aircraft value (including any Maintenance Liabilities). All transfers can receive a customary "fee + expenses" pricing structure. Our clear and transparent Rate Sheet is highly competitive within the industry, and we employ the same aggresirve costs control as when spending off our own fee. A comprehensive budget will be provided at the outset and revised as needed. We maintain long-standing relationships with the required third party vendors that provide excellent services and good value. We do not shy away from using the bargaining power stemming from having a standardized product and repeat business.

Acceptance into Free Ownership

As we assume the ongoing costs of maintaining your aircraft, a Technical Acceptance is required. This is similar to the acceptance in an Engine or Airframe Hourly Program, sharing some elements with a Pre-Purchase (or Pre-Sale) Inspection. The Transfer Fee covers this inspection, however you are liable for fixing any airworthiness discrepancies that may be found. Similarly, as at any given time an aircraft is "between inspections", the Maintenance Liabilities you might be carrying as of the date of the Transfer are estimated by pro-rating the accruals since each of the last inspection cycle (calendar and hourly). For instance, if a 12 months Phase is due in 8 months and costs $30,000, you carry a $10,000 liability for that inspection. If already enrolled in an Hourly Program, such liabilities should be offset by positive Program balance accruals.

Traditional Management Transfer

If you choose to forgo the benefits of Free Ownership, your aircraft is transfered essentially "as is" from your current manager/operator to us, with a registry change to US/FAA or San Marino at your discretion. The induction process is straightforward therefore how involved the transfer process is depends entirely on your current country of registration. In almost all cases, once you are in posession of an Export Certificate of Airworthiness there is little else to do. The two sections below on Acceptance and Mx Liabilities do not apply to traditional management transfers.

Resetting Maintenance Liabilities

Three options are available to you in order to Reset Maintenance Liabilities (if any): (1) before the transfer, by escrowing the due accruals (2) on a rolling-basis, by remaining liable for one cycle of inspections until they all reset (3) by offsetting them against some of your Comped Hours entitlement. This enables you to have a zero-cash-outlay Transfer. Additional liabilities may surface In the unlikely case your aircraft exhibits excessive wear and tear that would render it unmarketable for non-owner revenue flights or has missing and inoperative equipment that falls below our "safe and reliable operation" standards. We would work with you in finding most cost effective and cash-neutral ways of addressing these liabilities. In the worst case, your aircraft may be only eligible for traditional management only. Note that under no circumstances is a transfer lengthier, more complex or expensive than selling your aircraft.


To learn more about the process, please see the "Transfer" page.

Depreciation and Tax

You will continue to enjoy all the benefits of depreciating your aircraft, with the specific tax benefit will vary with choice of holding entity, jurisdiction and individual circumstances. If opting for æry terms, some fraction of your tax benefit will be offset by income as Comped Hours.

Free Ownership

Maintaining your aircraft

Under Free Ownership, our obligations in maintaining your aircraft are identical to traditional managment, including crew, insurance and Engine / Airframe Hourly Programs (if not already enrolled). Additionally, we are making per month / per flight / per hour accruals for Periodic Aircraft Updating, to include interior, exterior and avionics. The time/hours intervals between such updates and their extent is captured in the PMM elections you make as Silver, Gold or Platinum service levels, resulting in slight up/down adjustments in your Comped Hours annual entitlement. The sinking fund holding the Periodic Aircraft Updating accruals belongs to you and unspent balances are transfered to you at the end of the Term or in an early Exit.

Return basis

As a general rule, you should expect to receive a 10% return on the "as delivered" aircraft value, adjusted for the residual at the end of the Term (e.g. in 5 years). While this is structurally a simple proposition, specific numbers will vary with the choices you made regarding a particular serial's vintage, airframe time, interior and exterior appearance, installed equipment etc.

To address only the two most common variables, the most substantive adjustments to your aircraft "book value" are: (1) age/hours and (2) value of any "ordinary and necessary" upgrades or refurbishments. A 3 year old aircraft has a very high residual value hence your return basis will be lower than the purchase price paid. Similarly, if you undertake post-Buy work on your aircraft, corresponding change in the return basis may be higher or lower than the cost of the upgrades, reflecting different market valuations of aircraft upgrades.

In no way this should be construed as discouraging you from buying a newer aircraft or updating one; owner value and return basis are completely unrelated. Moreover, you generate depreciation benefits from the entire "book value" of the aircraft, regardless of any adjustments to the "return basis" (which is entirely an internal, private contract construct).

The end result is that most owners will have a return basis in the ballpark of the "average used price" for the type. See examples on the Aircraft Overview page.

You start earning a return on the date your aircraft becomes available for Revenue Flights.

Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Mandatory Service Bulletins (SBs)

Compliance with ADs and certain Mandatory SBs, occasionally issued by CAAs and/or OEMs, is required in order to maintain the airworthiness of your aircraft. These are "safety of flight" items and by definition their occurence - albeit rare - can not be predicted or budgeted. If you are unfamiliar with aircraft ownership, you could think of ADs/SBs as a manufacturer's recall. Due to their unpredictable nature and aircraft grounding implications, we are unable to cover ADs and certain mandatory SBs under Free Ownership. However, most but not all are often covered by Hourly Programs. In the event you need to comply with a coming due AD or SB, we offer the choice of settling any uncovered cost: (1) in cash, just like any traditional management maintenance bill, or (2) by offsetting against your Comped Hours entitlement (if sufficient). We also encourage owners to take advantage of the option to create an AD/SB Owner Reserve by setting aside, in a sinking fund that you own, a certain amount per Hour, as we do on your behalf for Periodic Aircraft Updates.

Comped Owner Hours

Your annual entitlement of Comped Owner Hours is calculated by dividing the 10% return on the aircraft value by the Hourly Rate, which is the same as the rate for Overfly (i.e. flight hours beyond your Comped Owner Hours) and anchored in the charter market. The æry economics section on the Aircraft page provides some examples. Typically, Hawkers receive ~100 hours, Challengers 150 - 200 hours and G550s 250 - 300 hours. Your PMM will specify your particular annual entitlement, based on the value of the particular aircraft you purchase/transfer.


To qualify for full æry benefits, the Term you elect in the PMM should be 5 years or 5,000 hours, whichever comes first. Keep in mind you have the option to terminate at any time, see the Exit section below.


Your depreciation tax benefits will vary with choice of holding entity, jurisdiction and individual circumstances. Some fraction of it will be offset by income received as Comped Hours. Note that you depreciate the entire "book value" of your aircraft, regardless of any adjustments of the "return basis" (on which you earn offseting income) All other tax effects are omitted here, as too many variables are involved. As is customary, all rates exclude applicable taxes. In broad terms, your aircraft will operate on the high seas, enjoying exemption from many jurisdictional taxes. Ample opportunity to discuss likely tax regimes and mitigation options will be provided throughout.

Upside Participation

Your 10% Return under Free Ownership is based on a total aircraft utilization not to exceed 800 hr/yr. Your PMM will include an Upside Participation Clause, in case the utilization exceeds this threshold, providing you with additional Comped Owner Hours entitlement. A typical example would be one additional Comped Hour for every 10 hours the aircraft flies above 800 hr/yr. In legacy revenue-to-owner models based on outside, ad-hoc charter, such levels of heterogeneous aircraft utilization are unattainable and often undesirable for the owner. By contrast, Strato Club's unique operating model generates low-impact, uniform flights and we believe our aircraft owners are stakeholders entitled to share in any upside we may realize.


Frequently Asked Questions


[I'm really picky - can I pre-buy 3 airframes?]

[after rejecting an aircraft that passed the pre-buy, transaction converts to "+ expenses"; we also budget reasonable timeline + contingencies, past that we require a weekly retainer]

Do I have to disclose my ownership to local authorities?


I want a Falcon / Legacy / Global etc.

[Happy to buy it and manage it for you; under customary industry-standard terms (sorry no fixed % fee; no free ownership]

[I live in Timbuktu, can i nest with aery?]

[Sorry not at this time; however we are present on 3 continents with traditional aircraft management services etc.]

[Can I buy a brand new aircraft ?]

[Exstatic to buy a new CL-650 or G550 for you, we maintain excellent relations with both OEMs; 90% discount on the acquisition fee; however be mindful that if opting for Free Ownership, the return in Comped Owner Hours will not be based on the $25m / $65m value, but rather be residual-adjusted]

[Can I buy a really really old aircraft?]

[Unfortunately not under the terms of aery; depending on what you have in mind, we can assist you transactionallly; even for traditional aircraft management, we sometimes turn down business if we believe is not in the client's long-term interest]

[Do you support smaller / shorter range airplanes?]

[We do support Citation CJs, including the midsize-in-disguise CJ4; talk to us about where you plan to base, what are your missions, revenue model if any etc. Despite their merits and value, found little regional demand]


[I heard about something called cabotage, can I fly in India?]

At will; cabotage does not apply to the aircraft owner, who can always fly anywhere; certain time in country limitations, e.g. 15 days at a time, but are not operative in any reasonable usage]

[Can I put my employees / my cousins on the plane?]


Who pays for ADs and Mandatory SBs ?

[they are only exclusion under Free Ownership; can settle in cash or by deducting Comped Owner Hours; option to create a funds reserve - amount is yours if unspent just like the Periodical Aircraft Update we fund for you]

How do I transfer the funds, I am an Indian resident subject to RBI capital controls?

[free money outside India easiest; referral to outside compliance advisors; options to structure operating and financing entities]


[Can I buy only an interest / fraction of aircraft ?]

[Yes, but not through aery. Inquire about TailCoin, own@tailcoin.aero ]


[Do I have to bring inspections up to date?]


Aircraft Usage

[Can I take my plane to Australia fo 3 months?]


Carrying Comped Hours year-to-year

[yes; carrying guaranteed days with some penalty]


[Can I sell my airplane]

[yes is your airplane; see pro-rated exit fees if under aery and terminated before term]

Aircraft Mgmt.

[Who is paying for redoing upholstery? How often?]